Our projects are diverse and meaningful, from women’s empowerment to environmental wellbeing, and we try to do our best to make a positive impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Food Wave

Raise awareness on food waste and  food management

Partners: Italy

From Scratch to Success

Providing young women and girls
skills and awareness

Partners: UYSTO uganda


Sensitize youth about the inclusive values on which the EU  is founded.

Partners: Sweden, Ireland,
UK, France, Lithuania, Poland,
Greece, Italy, Turkey

Sust Food

Prepare a textbook for young leaders who work for their local

Partners: Poland ,Sweden

My Soft City

From Flaneur to Entrepreneur

Partners: France, Romania,

Sust Food

Enhances cooperation among Europe and other regions of the World

Partners:  Italy, Turkey,
Vietnam, Thailand, India.


Improve youth knowledge and skills,
about menstrual health
and hygiene.
Partners: Norway ,Portugal
Poland,Greece ,Belgium, Spain
Philippines, United States Kenya,
 Uganda India


Support  inclusion in sport for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Partners: Italy ,Greece
Slovenia, Bulgaria

We encourage young people to participate in European projects as we recognize the immensely powerful way they are able to help young people improve themselves.