Food Wave


Hello Youth: Sweden


The main project idea to combat and raise awareness on one of the biggest issues caused by food management, the food waste. Having an awareness campaign and local actions to tackle food waste and make people’s diet more sustainable, created by young people and aimed at the youth, come into lines of the objectives of the Food Wave call, as the goal is to enhance a climate friendly food consumption involving a youth, the key-driver for change.

The project aims at pursuing the movement launched by the Milan Expo in 2015 “Feeding the planet, Energy for Life”, as there is still a great to improve our lifestyle when it comes to food consumption and management, therefore the need to always raise awareness and promote youth local action to trigger a snowball effect on our society, as food is a one the milestones to achieve our sustainable developments goals. Supporting a better sustainable food consumption and swift towards a minimal food waste is vital to support climate change mitigation and adaptions efforts, aiming at achieving a fair and sustainable food system in the coming decade. Reducing food waste also implies to sensitize people on what they eat as a proper diets and more fair food choices enable an overall waste, as consumers become more aware of what to buy.

The objective of the project is therefore two folded, raising awareness on food waste and its consequences by creating a social campaign and promote a healthier diet by giving the consumers the solutions to make better choice when it comes to food consumption. Regarding the activities foreseen by the project, it will include the following: communication videos will include videos created by young people to provide tips on how to reduce food waste, as well as tutorial videos providing guidelines on food management in households. Moreover, infographics will be created to inform on the current Europe’s situation when it comes to food waste, followed by quizzes created for our social media. At the end of the project, a seminar will be organized, inviting experts from the organization’s network, food waste and healthy food consumption will be the thematic deal with, inviting young people and stakeholders to take part of it.