From Scratch to Success


Uganda Youth Skillls Training Organisation (UYSTO): Uganda

HelloYouth: Sweden

Project code: 00098/2021
Program: Swedish institute


Based on research, there is a specific problem in Uganda of unemployment among youngwomen because Ugandan women are facing a social pressure to reproduce and raise family. Many young women feel helpless, and they are also often financially dependent on others. Democracy or freedom of speech in this country or region? All citizens have the right to express themselves and live freely in a democracy.However, this is not the case for women living in Uganda who are still dependent on their husbands.

The training provided by Hello Youth will: Suggest a new way to leaders so they are able to understand the women’s place in Ugandan society and give “the keys” to women to find their own place. Give confidence to women and girls to create their own business

Provide young women and girls skills and awareness in democracy and freedom of speech through non formal methods. Some examples that will be used in the training are Improvisation through role plays to create a reflective discussion on women and men’s place in the Ugandan society, create a game on women’s rights (give them information on their rights), autobiographical methodologies through images and film. (Create a game with photographs of women who succeeded in life such as business politics, sports, music. Provide media training to leaders that beneficial for women in business.