Sweden, Ireland, UK, France, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Italy, Turkey

Start date: May 15th,2021
End date: December 15th, 2022


VOYCE project’s main objective is to sensitize youth about the inclusive values on which the EU  is founded, the policies adopted, and the opportunities offered, analyzing the barriers encountered in building a strong European identity. Young people will be made aware of the advantages provided by a society able to sustain cultural diversity, gender equality, and no discrimination attitude as predominant values. These aspects will be treated according to the three main topics the project is focused on, letting young people analyze the challenges from different sides: 1 New volunteering and mobility schemes addressed to people with fewer opportunities; 2 Youth organization support based on new and sustainable socio-economic models; 3 Develop a critical mind promoting effective communication and problem-solving abilities.

Through the activities undertaken during the local groups, participants will directly work on the definition of the Roadmaps. In this big Social Hackathon event, they will share knowledge and design new projects/proposals. The online platform that will let them remain in touch with the co-creation process, the VOYCE partnership, will foster young people cross-cutting skills necessary for their professional, personal, civic development and engagement. So the project will strongly contribute to the objectives of Youth Together action in various ways:

– offering new means of online and offline collaboration both among youth and organizations that will foster their regional and EU networks;

– creating participative moments of debate, learning, the discussion addressed to stimulate the civic participation of marginalized groups;

– giving young people instruments to cope with the covid-19 challenge.

The consortium consists of 9 partners from 9 countries (Sweden, Ireland, UK, France, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Italy, Turkey). The consortium is established to create, share and let youth acquire the necessary skills to contribute to prosperous, democratic, and cohesive societies in Europe and beyond. The consortium is composed by:

  • One Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with implication and expertise in promoting citizens’ commitment to intercultural exchange and dialogue;
  • One youth organization specialized and with relevant experience on encouraging young people to be critical towards their life experiences and to the world around them; working with young people to help them make informed choices about their responsibility in their communities, connections with local schools and education centers to encourage young people to achieve and fulfill their potential;
  • 2 NGOs youth organization founded to unite young leaders, thinkers, and activists who seek change and those who do. The aim is to create a social, cultural, and educational impact for needy groups and communities;
  • One Charity and 1 NGO company aimed to create mass participation in a martial art for people who are disabled, disadvantaged, or living with poverty;
  • One Association with solid experiences in European mobility, job-shadowing, European Voluntary Service for youth, counseling, coaching, mentoring intercultural empowerment trips ;
  • One Non-Profit Organisation specialized in Entrepreneurship and Social Economy that will share its experiences and expertise in strengthening cross-border civil society
  • One Association with solid experience in education and training program support is vital for recognizing and validating the new competencies acquisition in the training/mobility activity.