Beyond Borders: Young Migrants and the Digital Revolution

Hello, my name is Oscar,  I am a volunteer for Hello Youth, and I am grateful to have participated in the Digital for All project in Berlin, Germany.

The event was an important gathering addressing Young Migrants’ Digital Literacy. I had the opportunity to interact with 20 individuals from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The learning experience was diverse, involving engagement through various activities in groups and pairs. It was fantastic to interact with people and I felt free to express my opinions clearly.

Over the course of the 5-day event, I learnt new things that I had never encountered before. We were presented with 4 modules by the project organisers, which allowed me to grasp critical thinking on various challenges, threats, strengths, and weaknesses that young migrants face.

 I learnt about the tiny habits, both good and bad, that we develop unconsciously and how they can lead to better routines in our lives. We discussed how tiny habits, digital literacy, and migration are interconnected and how artificial intelligence can be used to combat the spread of fake news and assist someone from a different cultural setting.

In the end, we explored ways to transform the modules we learnt into different digital methods. I also realised how easily fake news can spread and the importance of using tools to unmask such news. We discussed the verification of news by consulting functional fact-checking websites and delved into the morality of content creation, accessibility, and user interface design.

We also had the chance to explore various parts of Berlin by walking, taking the train, and riding on a bus. We visited lakes, parks, museums, the Berlin Wall, and many famous fun places in the city, including restaurants.

Furthermore, we exchanged a wealth of information for the betterment of the digital world. We learned basic phrases in each other’s languages and enjoyed dancing to each other’s cultural music. The event was so enriching that I wished it could have continued for a longer period.

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