Frenchs Intern’s Walpurgis Night Experience

A group of us French interns decided to explore Swedish culture by attending Lund’s Walpurgis Night celebration on April 30th. It was a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in a tradition with deep historical roots.

Walpurgis Night is marking the arrival of spring with songs and bonfires. It’s a public event, with choral singing and bonfires lighting up villages and neighborhoods. It’s a tradition believed to ward off evil spirits, but now a festive way of getting rid of excess gardening odds and ends.

As we made our way to the outskirts of town, we could sense the significance of the occasion by the number of people in the street. In Lund, we joined the locals to experience this tradition. Choirs filled the air with music as bonfires crackled in the dusk. 

We had a really good time there, we talked to many people and discovered new things about Swedish culture. We had a wonderful time meeting and talking to lots of Swedes and other people from all over the world, it  left us with lasting memories

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