P.E.N Meeting in Greece

P.E.N meeting in Greece

Period Empowerment Network – Workshop in Athens, Greece

Last week Hello Youth was in Athens to work on the Period Empowerment Network (PEN) project.
PEN seeks to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes about menstrual health and hygiene, and increase awareness about menstruation education. PEN is a menstruation education project to empower the youth and build their capacity to continuously learn and raise awareness about menstrual health and hygiene and advocate for menstrual education.
This project brings together partners from Norway, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Philippines, Sweden, United States,
Uganda, India and Kenya.

This training workshop aimed at creating menstrual health and hygiene awareness raising campaigns to build an online space for the youth to reflect on and consider their knowledge, thoughts, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors about menstruation. So we worked in two different teams, with online participants that couldn’t make it to Greece. The first day was about creating the background for the campaign, choosing a name, the audiences, doing a context analysis and defining the goals and objectives.
The second day, each team started to create the content of the campaign but at the end of the day, both teams reunited all the best ideas to make the perfect campaign, and that’s exactly what we did. A menstrual health awareness raising campaign reflecting the realities within project countries was produced in order to present and spread accurate menstrual health information as a means to challenge menstrual health misinformation and

It was a wonderful week, very enlightening, with really inspiring partners. We hope to have the opportunity to work with all
of them really soon, hopefully for PEN 2.0!