Intern Alert!

Hello !

My name is Daphnee! I am 27, and I come from “Brittany” in the west of France. I am in Sweden for three months, thanks to Erasmus+ program.

For the first time, I discovered this program by myself. I did some research to find a solution to improve my English. And I had contacted this organization to have explanations, and now I am here!

I finished my study last August. I have different experiences. I begin with B.tec in esthetics and cosmetology, I have a Bachelor´s degree in Marketing and communication and a Master´s degree in Marketing and Management.

I am aware that I need to improve my English and I have news experiences at my job and meet people from other countries. My English is “school English”. I work on it every week, but to be confronted like this is the best experience.

This experience began when I left my city. I had many incidents like delays, changes, and blockages during this travel. At this time, when I was running to the airport with my big luggage, I was thinking, “I will never arrive in Sweden!”.

But now I am so happy to be here in Sweden!