No One Left Behind

Hello Folks ! Several new members have joined the No One Left Behind project. Let’s go for the presentation !


I decided to apply for the Erasmus+ training program for the first time in my life especially since the main topic was the integration of refugees and immigrants into the new communities.
We arrived in the town of Villa Nova De Tazem and I was shocked to hear from the other participants about the integration In Europe and how much they are familiar with the challenges that immigrants face and the consequences of hate and exclusion that will divide humans.
As an immigrant myself, I learned a lot about myself and others during the program and I believe that Erasmus programs are one of the reasons why these European Youths are so involved and aware of the social issues that our world is facing.
Because schools are never enough, Erasmus allowed me to be part of an international community where we could have lots of fun while learning about and from each other.
No One Left Behind project was a unique and very special experience for me. From the first day to the last day I felt joy, happiness, inclusiveness, and a safe environment for everyone. The workshops, activities, and trips were organized professionally, and they were shaped according to our needs and wishes. All the workshops that we have done during the project were didactic and insightful. Discussing the current situation of migration, and the country’s different approaches to migrants and refugees with our peers coming from different backgrounds was a significantly important experience for all of us.
I had normal expectations at the beginning, but this project was much way better than I expected, and I left Portugal with great friendships, unforgettable memories, and wider perspectives. I am grateful to be part of this project and this team. I cannot wait to see my teammates in other projects in the future.