Intern alert!

Hello, I’m Juliette ! I’m 25 years, I come from Orléans in centre of France.

I just arrived in Sweden in the city of Lund. I decided few months ago to live a professional linguistic immersion abroad. I just started an internship with Eramus+. I’ll join the social media and communication team, for three months in Hello Youth company !

I find it important to learn about local customs. The way of living, of moving, of eating according to the country. I have traveled a lot, through this system of cultural discovery while living with locals. I lived 6 months in Canada for example between 2018 and 2019.

My objectives now it’s to improve my english and discover a new way of work. I did a master degree in cultural sector and I hope this new experience could help me to set up cultural projects all around the world, and language will no longer be an obstacle.


I’m look forward also meet people, discover Sweden landscape, history of the country with visiting museums and cultural places and swedish food of course !