Hello Youth In Uganda

As some of you may already know, 3 trainers from Hello Youth travelled across the world
to meet Uganda Youth Skills Training Oranisation to start the From Scratch to Success training!

So now we want to tell you with a little more details what we got up to!

The From Scratch to Success project is funded by the Swedish Institute and is a pilot project
between Hello Youth and UYSTO. The aim is to teach youth workers and UYSTO staff in
non-formal methodologies including drama, film-making and also entrepreneurship so it can
support local women to start or continue their own businesses.

Here’s a day by day look at what we did!

On the first day, UYSTO started the morning session discussing Ugandan women rights and
employment from the 1950s to now. It was an interesting and revealing discussion as both
Swedish and Ugandan participants reflected on the changes that have occurred in the last
70 years. It set the tone for the rest of the training and helped us know what we were
striving to achieve.

Hello Youth then led some non-formal drama and team building exerciseworkshop. It was
good to get to know one another, break the ice and start to connect as a group.

This continued on Day 2 and then we also added the concept of  “Culture” into the discussion.

On the 3rd day, participants presented their personal stories; including the good, the bad
and the ugly to express the moments in their lives that have inflenced them and made them
who they are today. It was a very emotional and revealing session but a great success.
In the middle of the training (Day 3), Memouna from Hello Youth facilitated a film-making
session about creating a logo and understanding a visual identity, so these youth workers
can properly support the local women to strive and carry on with projects.

 We have also discussed our plans for where we want to apply for additional funds.