Hello Youth in Madeira

We were privileged to attend a work shop made by @ARTE.M Cultural association, framed by @mysoftcityproject supported by Erasmus+ #erasmusplusproject . Two teams representing Mobilizing Expertise and @helloyouth spent 4 days in the beautiful island Madeira, Portugal. We gathered so much knowledge on #socialentrepreneurship #socialinnovation #cultural #entrepreneurship, further we were lucky to have an opportunity to visit @startupmadeira and learn how they survived during pandemic by introducing the concept @digitalnomads. We all appreciated the great location where they conducted the workshops, well organized activities, effective time management by ARTE.ME organization. For few hours we all became entrepreneurs! Moreover, we also got an opportunity to be creative with a well-known artists using lot of natural objects and elements picked from Madeira island. Lastly, we met participants from Romania, Portugal, France and some become meet ups turned in to friendships!