New team members !

Hello Everyone !

I’m Giulia, and I’m 18 years old. I come from a little town near Padova called Este, in Italy. I’m attending the fourth class of the Scientific High school with a sports dress in Este. I traveled a lot with my family in my life, but I’ve never made a trip on my own, and I think it could be an excellent opportunity to expand my horizons and boost my capacity.

When I knew that I would go to Sweden, I was excited because I’d never been there, and in my mind, I imagined it as a beautiful place where there are order, justice, and peace. I decide to participate in this project of Erasmus+ for three reasons:

First, I’m inquisitive and like to meet other people from all over the world and learn about their culture, personal experiences, and stories. The second and the most important is that I want to improve my English level because I’d like to work abroad one day. And finally, I think this project is beneficial and unique because it doesn’t teach you a job, but it shows you how to behave in the workplace.

This is a great opportunity, and I’m grateful to live it.

Hi everyone,

I’m Matteo, and this year I turned 18. I’m from Italy, and I live near Padova. I have just finished the fourth year of secondary school studying Information Technology. I have decided to join the Erasmus experience because I wanted to be introduced to the world of work. The possibility of doing it even in a foreign language was perfect for me. I decided to challenge myself to try doing and learning new things every time, and I think that Hello Youth is the ideal company where I can put it into practice. My experience has just begun, but it already promises good; I hope to learn much possible from all the people I will work with.